Founded in 2004

Société Immobilière, d’Agriculture, du Commerce et du Tourisme, (SImACT, INC.) was founded in 2004 by a group of Haitian American professionals, initially focused on real estate development opportunities in various regions of Haiti. SImACT began with seven investors and has since increased to more than 31 shareholders. It has expanded upon the original vision of its founders and now encompasses investments in several key verticals – agriculture, commercial real estate, financial services, and mining.Its active pursuit of opportunistic projects has positioned SImACT as one of the most dynamic and progressive companies engaged in business ventures in Haiti.

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SImACT currently has approximately $10 million in total assets under management, the majority of which is comprised of real assets based in Haiti. Moving forward, SImACT is also pursuing strategic investment opportunities in the United States across sectors inclusive of real assets, as well as healthcare, consumer goods and services, and tech related companies. It will leverage key experienced partnerships that will enable SImACT to pursue these opportunities from a well-informed lens.

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